Tackling procrastination one session at a time…

What is FocusMate?

FocusMate is a combination of the Pomodoro Technique and virtual body doubling.

Todist explains that the Pomodoro Technique is a time management method for students, perfectionists, and procrastinators of all kinds. To read more, click here. There is also a cool Wikipedia article too, click here.

Medical News Today explains body doubling as follows. To read the full article, click here.

ADHD body doubling is a practice in which a person with ADHD works on and completes potentially frustrating tasks alongside another person. This other person is the “body double” for the person with ADHD. The body double’s job is to help anchor the person with ADHD to the present moment and task, reducing the risk of distraction.

– Medical News Today

With FocusMate, you can work in focused 25 or 50 minute intervals. You can book one session or set up a repeating time with as many as 10 sessions. The sessions are sent to your calendar. Once you book a session, you are matched up with someone. Because FocusMate is World Wide, you can find someone to work with at almost any time of the day.

How has helped me?

I have struggled with procrastination my whole life. Maybe it’s a byproduct of ADHD. Who knows? My mom used to laugh at me. She would send me up to clean my room. She would come up an hour later and I would be sorting through old letters having emptied the piles from under my bed on to the top of the bed.

Working from home and trying to start my own business was a perfect opportunity to procrastinate. The list of things that I should be doing was over whelming. Build a website, order business cards, file paperwork, write lesson plans, write a business plan, …

Recently, I was asked to compile a list of projects I worked on over the past fifteen years. I couldn’t get started. Then, someone told me about FocusMate. Since then, I have booked 69 sessions.

How do I get started?

click here.

Tips and Tricks

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FocusMate Information

FocusMate Blogs

FocusMate has a few blog posts but they are hard to find once you have signed up for an account. To open the blogs, click here.


To read the Procrastination Blogs, click here.

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